SeaPIC: Searching for Post-translational Modification in the Crosslinked peptide-spectrum matches.

About SeaPIC

The detection of post-translational modifications (PTMs) in cross-linking mass spectrometry holds significant importance as it provides valuable insights into the impact of PTMs on protein-protein interactions and the alteration of protein structural conformations. We designed the SeaPIC for PTM investigation in cross-linking datasets. SeaPIC has proven its effectiveness by uncovering previously overlooked PTM information in publicly available datasets.

Related Publication
C. Zhou, S. Lai, S. Dai, P. Zhao, N. Li and W. Yu.
"Identification of Post-translational Modifications in Cross-linking Mass Spectrometry Data",
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Where to download SeaPIC

The source code and test data are available at: Source code & test data (updated Mar. 11, 2024)

How to use it?

Find the details in from the source file.
For any enquiry, please contact ZHOU, Chen (