Jan, 2018 Jiaan Dai successfully defended his MPhil thesis "Two Issues in Database Search Methods for Mass Spectrometry based Peptide Identification ".
Apr, 2017 Fengchao Yu successfully defended his PhD thesis "Beyond Conventional Peptide Identification--Cross-Linked Peptides Identification and Unlimited Post-Translational Modification Identification".
January, 2017 Meng Wang successfully defended his MPhil thesis "A Parallel Computing-based Gene-gene Interaction Detection Method with Covariates Adjustment".
December, 2016 Xiaowei Zhou received the "Young Thousand Talent" award.
November, 2016 Chen Zhang successfully defended his MPhil thesis "FPGA Implementation of Ultrasound Image Analysis Methods".
November, 2016 Wei Jiang successfully defended his PhD thesis "Statistical Issues in Genome-Wide Association Studies".
September, 2016 Fengchao Yu won the 2015/16 Graduate Student Research Award issued by the Hong Kong Medical & Healthcare Device Industries Association (HKMHDIA) for his work on PTM-invariant peptide identification.
January, 2016 Wei Jiang won the best paper award at the Fourteenth Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC2016) held in San Francisco between January 11 and January 13, 2016. The title of his award paper reads “Power estimation and sample size determination for replication studies of genome wide association studies”. The Asia Pacific Bioinformatics Conference (APBC) is an annual leading international meeting for exploring research, development and novel applications in the field of Bioinformatics.
June, 2015 Fengchao Yu’s daughter was born on Jun. 16th, 2015.
November, 2014 Guangyuan Yang successfully defended his MPhil thesis "Permutation tests for genome-wide association studies". He will work as Analyst at Goldman Sachs in Hong Kong.
August, 2014 Can Yang assumed his new position as assistant professor in Department of Mathematics, Hong Kong Baptist University.
June, 2014 Tiangzhu Liang successfully defended his PhD thesis 'Tissue Deformation Analysis using Ultrasound Images'. His new job is at Mindray Inc.
July, 2013 Xiaowei Zhou received the HKTIIT Post-Graduate Excellence Scholarship.
July, 2013 Xiaowei Zhou successfully defended his PhD thesis “Low-Rank Modeling for Image Analysis”.
January, 2013 Chao Yang successfully defended his PhD thesis 'Mass spectrometry-based proteomic data analysis'. He will start the new position in Baidu, Inc. soon.
October, 2012 Can Yang has received the 2012 Hong Kong Young Scientist Award in Engineering Science. Established by Hong Kong Institution of Science(HKIS) for its 11th year, the Hong Kong Young Scientist Awards recognize and honor young scientists and engineers in Hong Kong who excel and exhibit great promise in their field of study and promote science and technology development in the region. One award is given in each of these fields: Physical/Mathematical Science, Life Science, and Engineering Science.
September, 2012 Xiang Wan has been appointed as Research Assistant Professor at Department of Computer Science, Hong Kong Baptist University.
July, 2011 Can Yang successfully defended his PhD thesis “SNP data analysis in genome-wide association studies”. Can Yang will start the new position of Postdoc Associate at Yale University in the Fall.
September 1, 2010 Tianzhu Liang won the 2010 Bioengineering Program Graduate Student Research Award at HKUST for his work on ultrasound image-based tissue deformation analysis.
March, 2010 Dr. Zengyou He has been appointed as Associate Professor at Dalian University of Technology.